Cancer Patient Hub
The challenge

How do you make an medical hub engaging and accessible for all?

Pfizer asked us to develop a medical hub that anyone, regardless of background, age, or disability, could use and understand. The challenge was to create a hub that was not only functional but also positive and engaging, breaking away from the typically depressing and uninspiring medical websites.

Personalised and positive design

We created a medical hub with a comprehension level selector, allowing users to adjust the complexity of the information to their needs. This feature ensures clarity and understanding for everyone, from children to medical professionals.

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Adaptive and engaging

Not only did the site adapt to comprehension levels, we incorporated vibrant, positive design elements and an illustrative style to create an uplifting and engaging experience. Adding additional accessibility features including text-to-speech options, high-contrast modes, and easy navigation to cater to various needs.

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User friendly and inspiring

Our work with Pfizer resulted in a hub that is both highly functional and beautifully designed. By combining adaptive technology, vibrant illustrations, and key accessibility features, we created a welcoming and supportive resource for cancer patients and their families. This project highlighted the importance of thoughtful design in making medical information accessible and engaging for all.

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