A collective of Many Makers

We're a full-service video and content agency with expertise across the entire production process.

With a small-but-mighty in-house team and a thriving network of expert Makers, we hand-select our project teams to simply deliver brilliant work.

Specialists at creating and delivering big ideas, we tailor and optimise all our content to effectively engage your audience. Maybe you're looking to nail your next social media campaign. Perhaps you want to trial the latest in 360-degree video. You might be looking to launch a new internal communications programme or design engaging animations to bring your brand's message to life.

Whatever your goals, we've got the skills and tools to drive your success.


Production company meets agency

After years of working with inflexible, unresponsive, and overpriced production companies, we grew increasingly weary of the lack of client service offered by so many of London's leading studios. That's why we created Many Makers: a production company that operates like an agency, with proactive and responsive account management, reasonable turnarounds, and costs that make sense with their output.


Our HQ team is complemented by an expert collective, so we can source whatever tools and techniques will deliver the best results for our clients - at pace. We're dedicated to innovation, staying ahead of the trends, and turning projects around as quickly as we can without compromising on quality.

Customer Care

We're there for our clients, whatever they need and whenever they need it. We're collaborative in our approach and keep the right people in the loop throughout the entire process. With dedicated account managers and regular status updates, we're proud to act as trusted and valuable partners to the people we work with.


Our costs and timelines are reflective of genuine need and structured to maximise efficiencies. We're happy to walk you through our approach step-by-step to make sure we're aligned on meeting your goals and budget. You also won’t see any of those additional costs for additional amends – we believe it’s our job to nail your brief.


We're passionate about meeting and growing young talent. That's why we collaborate with FilmLondon: an organisation that develops industry creativity, supports new and emerging filmmakers and promotes London as a global production hub.

Our team has held masterclasses on getting into branded content and becoming a self-shooting producer, and spoken alongside BAFTA- and Oscar-winning directors and producers.

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We’re proud to be accredited members of the Content Marketing Association, a professional and diverse community of content specialists from across the world.

With exclusive access to the latest research trends, knowledge sharing amongst an international network of experts and the platform to help set the global content marketing agenda, the CMA empowers our in-house team to continually learn and develop whilst connecting with other industry leaders.

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FreshMeet is committed to closing the gap between education and creative employment, making the creative industries more accessible to new graduates. We’ve joined their latest initiative, The Pledge, to help champion tomorrow’s talent and break down barriers to entry.

Running interactive workshops and agency-hosted talks, as well as offering hands-on experience to new videographers, editors and production hands through the Emerging Talent Database - we’re passionate about doing our part to improve industry accessibility.

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