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Lundy Island
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The challenge

When BT say they want to provide high-speed internet anywhere in the UK by 2028, they mean anywhere…

The challenge... get a crew to the remote island of Lundy at short notice to show the power of high-speed satellite internet. Oh, and did we forget to say that there was no accommodation on the island?

Outdoor experts

To bring this project to life, we sent two of our Self Shooting PDs with tents, wetsuits and cameras in hand to Lundy island. Here they spent three days getting to know the island, the people working on the land, and the animal inhabitants—from puffins to seals and the Japanese deer that graze the fields.

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Pilots, divers and drivers

When the installation team arrived, our team knew the island like the back of their hands, and were ready to capture their arrival by air, sea and land. All showcasing BT’s engineers' hard work on the hottest day of the year.

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Famous locally and nationally

The series of social and long-form videos exploring the impact on rural islands such as Lundy and its conservation efforts, gained national and local coverage for both BT and OneWeb. Showing the power of using a human and nature-centric storytelling hand-in-hand, alongside the inclusion of local authority representatives.

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