Green Flag x Sepsis Trust

Sepsis Awareness Day
Art Direction
The challenge

Sepsis is a silent killer, claiming lives and devastating families without warning.

Our challenge was to capture the harrowing and deeply personal experiences of over 100 individuals affected by sepsis, distilling their pain, hope, and resilience into a single, powerful narrative.

Giving life to stories of survival and loss

The goal was not just to inform but to provoke an emotional response that would drive awareness and encourage preventative action. With Warwick Davis as our spokesperson, we aimed to deliver a message that was both poignant and attention-grabbing.

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Crafting a collective voice

Understanding the gravity of our mission, we approached this project with sensitivity and dedication. We meticulously gathered individual accounts from sepsis survivors and their families, ensuring that each story was heard and honoured. From these narratives, we wove a cohesive and compelling monologue that would resonate with a broad audience.

Warwick's personal experience of Sepsis meant he was the perfect ambassador to deliver these stories, adding a layer of gravitas and relatability to the film.

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A resonant call to action

We chose to live stream the monologue across multiple channels, maximising reach and ensuring that the message penetrated various demographics. Our small, intimate team worked tirelessly within a tight timeframe to handle a sensitive subject matter with care, transforming personal pain into a powerful, unifying message that could drive real-world impact.

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