Christmas Miracles
The challenge

How do you capture hearts on a shoe-string budget?

PDSA, a veterinary charity, needed a compelling Christmas TV ad to ask for donations. Our mission was to create an emotive and impactful ad that showcased the deep bond between an elderly woman and her dog, all within a tight budget and a two-week turnaround.

Heartfelt storytelling

Directed by BAFTA award-winning Julian Kemp and shot by Laura Gallop, we crafted a touching narrative that highlighted the emotional connection between humans and their pets. We focused on the story of an elderly woman and her dog, creating a powerful and relatable message.

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Impact on a budget

Shooting with animals and on a budget sounds like a combination for trouble, but we relished the challenge.

Furry friends: Working with animals is always fun and challenging. We utilised industry experts to ensure the perfect performance from our furry star.

Efficient production: We shot the entire ad in a single day, demonstrating our ability to deliver high-quality content quickly and efficiently.

Emotive visuals: By focusing on close-up shots and heartfelt moments, we created visuals that resonated deeply with viewers.

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Capturing hearts

Our work with PDSA demonstrated that powerful storytelling and efficient production can create a significant impact, even on a tight budget. The Christmas TV ad not only highlighted the importance of the human-animal bond but also successfully drove donations to support PDSA's charitable work.

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