Festive Sipping
Social media
The challenge

How do you capture the craft of gin making in a festive and innovative way?

Sipsmith Gin, a brand synonymous with revolutionising the gin industry in the UK, needed captivating Christmas social content. Our mission was to bring festive sipping to life in a unique and visually stunning manner, showcasing Sipsmith’s dedication to craft and quality.

Tradition meets innovation

Founded in 2009, Sipsmith Gin played a pivotal role in the gin renaissance, being the first copper distillery in London for nearly 200 years. Their commitment to traditional methods and quality craftsmanship set them apart. We aimed to reflect this heritage while introducing an innovative twist.

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Precision meets festive fun

We used a robotic arm to capture the art of cocktail making with unprecedented precision, focusing on the intricate details of preparation by showcasing Sipsmith’s meticulous craftsmanship.

The robotic arm’s smooth and dynamic movements allowed us to create visually stunning content; blending the traditional craft of gin-making with modern technology. We pushed the limits by meticulously planning and rehearsing complex movements, creating eight unique videos in a single day that brought the festive spirit to life like never before.

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Sipping perfection

In a single day, we created eight unique videos, each featuring complex and captivating movements. The robotic arm allowed us to capture the smooth, detailed craft that Sipsmith truly believes in, presenting their gin in an entirely new light.

Our collaboration with Sipsmith Gin demonstrated how blending traditional craftsmanship with innovative filming techniques can create captivating and memorable content, perfectly capturing the spirit of festive sipping.

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