Subscription Launch
The challenge

Solar panels are notoriously unsexy, and convincing Britons to invest in them is no easy feat. So, how do you change minds and showcase how sleek they can look on a home?

Humanising solar

We told the story through a series of five customers, all filmed on the same day. By creating a series of videos and key imagery, we aimed to show the real-life benefits and aesthetics of solar panels, making them more relatable and appealing.

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Multi-skilled teams

Our agile crew, consisting of a Photographer and Shooting PD (who could shoot from the ground but also pilot drones) used 20ft poles to capture the solar panels at their best angles. This allowed us to showcase the panels in a visually appealing and dynamic way, but also move quickly across the country in a single day to capture all five owners.

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Launch day assets

We created a format that humanised Sunsave’s product, resulting in a series of videos and imagery that brought their solar panels to life. The new content served as key assets for their launch and website, transforming the perception of solar power from dull to desirable.

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