Aerlox Adventure
The challenge

How do you prove that lighter roof tiles are the future? BMI wanted to showcase their new Aerlox tile’s strength and lightness in a way that was anything but boring.

A scandinavian showdown

The solution? An epic adventure race that put these tiles—and the roofers—through their paces. We orchestrated an adrenaline-pumping race across a 15km route in the rugged Norwegian mountains.

Two teams of five professional roofers facing lead rope climbs, icy river crossings, speedboats and frigid -3°C temperatures. Each team carried different types of tiles on their backs, with the lighter Aerlox tiles showing their true advantage by being faster and more agile at every stage.

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Filmmaking at its most challenging

Armed with lightweight cameras, our two Shooting PDs tracked every daring move, whilst our aerial team of Drone Operators and strategically placed camera crews captured the action from above. Prepping for this adventure was key—we mapped the course, secured permissions, and meticulously planned health and safety protocols. Real roofers were cast to bring authenticity and grit to the challenge.

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Benefits driven

The outcome was a thrilling, high-energy 10 minute film showcase of the Aerlox tile’s superior qualities. The race footage was packed with excitement, capturing the heart-pounding moments as roofers raced through challenging terrain. This adventure not only highlighted the product's benefits but also entertained and engaged a new audience, proving that lighter really is better when it comes to roofing.

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