4G Cinema Club
The challenge

How do you bring 4G to life in rural communities?

EE needed to highlight their new 4G coverage in rural areas in an engaging and memorable way. Our task was to create a captivating story showcasing the EE network's power and capturing audiences' imaginations.

The magic of the silver screen (in unexpected places)

Leveraging EE's partnership with BAFTA, we created a series of content showcasing how EE streamed award-winning films in remote locations. From the coast in Devon to the mountains in Wales and culminating in a once-in-a-lifetime cinema, 100ft in the sky.

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Popcorn delivery

We were also challenged with the delivery of popcorn via drone to the audience in the cinema in the sky. Which required fine-tuned aerial choreography and a lot of practice!

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A cinematic journey

The series of 4G cinemas, highlighted by the grand finale of the cinema in the sky, captured hearts and imaginations. The campaign boosted EE's brand visibility and demonstrated their 4G network's strength. Enthusiastic responses from local communities and online viewers highlighted the success, proving that innovative storytelling can create engaging and memorable campaigns.

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